Sunday, June 05, 2005

Searching For...

Sometimes it's fun to see how people found my blog. I'd say it's often by accident, judging from the search terms they use. Here are some of my favorites from the last month...


search - ( you looking for?)
happy Saturday - (Right. Um, you too, I guess...)
snowstorms - (Hopefully not until next winter, please!)
celebrity crushes - (Anyone specific in mind?)
drag shows - (Town? State? Country? Or are you just looking for pictures?)


Sean Cassidy pictures - (Not on my blog!)
good looking guys - (I'm glad to see you're selective.)
linguist David Bowie - (Okay... but me personally, if I had a moment alone with DB, I wouldn't use him for his linguistic skills!!!!)
"Jude Law is my" - (I feel like we're missing a word here. But in case the missing word is "boyfriend" - he's MINE...just FYI)
Adore British men - (Me too, my friend. Me too)
Mark Hamill, sex scene - (Hmm, this must have been post Star Wars?)
Anakin "Paul Banks" - (Anakin = Darth Vader) (Paul Banks = Singer of Interpol) Not sure how they're related, but hey - I dig them both, so it's all good.
sexy Simon Le Bon - (Mmm.. I agree. You're definitely in the right place.)


Kate Seaver Dorchester - (FYI she works for Berkley now)
Berkley Leah Hultenschmidt - (FYI she works for Dorchester still)
"Nadia Cornier" "legitimate" - (Um...Nadia? Something you're not telling me?)

Chris Keesler
Chris Keeslar
Chris Keeslar 2005
Chris Keesler RT convention - (Chris, dude, for Heaven's sake stop Googling yourself!!!!)


astropop crack - (I'm not sure I want to know...)
cosmos party - (Did my invite get lost in the mail?)
regret quitting my job - (Sorry to hear that, dude. Next time look before you leap)
slap your irritating co-worker day - (I know the feeling at times...)
"cook dinner for a girl" - (Good for you! I hope she enjoyed it!)


"right round baby right round" song
you spin me right sound
you spin me right round original
- (Wow I should title my blog entries with 80s songs more often!)

who sung the theme song in the breakfast club movie - (Simple Minds, I believe)
The Smiths that's romance - (Are you the St. Louis RT DJ?? Rock on!)

Well that's enough of that! :) Time to enjoy my Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe :)

Shannon McKelden said...

Hey, Marianne! That was hysterical...and I've seen people mention this on other blogs. But, how do you sign up for the thing that tells you this info? Who googled what to get to your site? I wanna try it!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Shannon - there are different programs, but the one I use is called Sitemeter. I believe it's I find it very fascinating to see who comes to my blog and from where. :)


Gena Showalter said...

I got one that came to me via the phrase "ass kissing photos" :) Made my day.

Keris Stainton said...

Hey! When's 'slap your irritating co-worker day'? I could do with that.