Friday, June 03, 2005


Okay, you've suffered through bad poetry and silly photos enough for one week, I think. :) Today I'm hosting Shanna Swendson as part of the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. Shanna's a really cool girl from Texas who's a member of my online writing group Chick Lit Writers. Her new book has JUST come out and it looks fabulous. Plus, it's paranormal chick lit. Think Bridget Jones meets Harry Potter. How cool is that? Cute cover too!

Here's a blurb:

Shanna Swendson's debut mainstream novel, ENCHANTED, INC (Ballantine Trade
Paperback Original, $12.95, May 31, 2005) is a magical story featuring Katie Chandler, a 20 something, small-town Texas girl, who finds that being average in New York City is anything but. Katie loves the energy of Manhattan, andif she finds some of the people odd, well, that's New York, right? Where else would you see a person on the subway wearing fairy wings? In fact, if Katie wasn't completely sure those wings must be a costume, she'd think they were real, the way they flutter in the breeze. Certainly the gargoyle that perches above the door of the church she passes on the way to and from work isn't real. Its eyes seem to follow her, and she could have sworn it winked at her once, but now that she thinks about it, it was really hot that day,and she hadn't eaten lunch....

Katie is still adjusting to life in the big city while working a for a nightmare boss, when she gets a fantastic offer to work for a mysterious company, MSI, Inc. Through her new job and the magical folk she meets, Katie comes to find out she isn't quite as average as she thought; and the fairytale life she has longed for begins to come true in surprising ways.

What Katie doesn't realize is how rare and important being ordinary can be.In fact, it is her ordinary characteristics that make her the perfect secret weapon for MSI, Inc. Suddenly the very qualities she thought made her average are what make her special! Now she has magicians and fairies meddling in her attempted romances, a secret life she needs to keep hidden from her non-magical friends, not to mention that dangerous pull she feels for Owen, an attractive but shy wizard who might be the most powerful magicman since Merlin.

ENCHANTED, INC is a magical delight that will be a fun summer read foranyone who's wished upon a star or hoped for a sprinkle of fairy dust.

How fun does that sound? If you want to read an excerpt you can do so here. I cannot wait to read this book!! :)

And to close, something Shanna related, but non-book related. I just read one of her recent blog entries and she talks about having phone phobia. (Though she doesn't call it that - that's my term) I sooo have phone phobia as well!! I would rather miss out on something important than pick up the phone and call a stranger. I can talk to my friends on the phone, of course. And my parents. But not strangers or people I don't know well. I don't know what it is--what I'm afraid of. Shrug. Anyway - I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.



Anonymous said...

I can relate to the phone phobia {:)

That book sounds great :)

Shannon McKelden said...

Phone Phobia? Totally me. I would rather go talk to a stranger IN PERSON than pick up the phone! How stupid is THAT? But, it's true. Weird.


Pam said...

I just finished this book this morning, and it's adorable. Very fun, and different. It feels like the ending is a setup for a sequel, wonder if there is one in the works?

Shanna Swendson said...

Yes, there is a sequel! I've already written it, and it's tentatively scheduled for this time next year. Now, if only I could come up with a title. This may be the first book ever to be published without a title (or is that not as groundbreaking as it sounds to me?).