Sunday, June 26, 2005

Go see Batman Begins!

Managed to accomplish everything I set out to do yesterday! Wrote lots of words, swam at a local lake with the dogs, and saw Batman Begins. Great movie, by the way. Nice and dark--just how I like 'em. And Christian Bale was perfect as the troubled, but fearless Bruce Wayne. (I'd say very yummy as well, but I don't want to cheapen his excellent acting.) Actually there were lots of great actors in it. Anyway - a definite must-see summer movie.

But don't just take my word for it. Even Mrs. Giggles liked it!

Hm. What else? I ran into my high school ex-boyfriend Craig at the mall yesterday. (I'm not normally a mall person, btw, but it was like 100 degrees out!) Anyway - Craig said that he was going through some old stuff at his parents' house and found some notes I wrote him back while we were going out. If I can get him to give them to me I'll post any juicy excerpts. It's funny - I have all these notes other people have sent me over the years (I'm a total sentimental packrat for stuff like that) but of course nothing that I myself wrote to someone else.

Today I'm going shopping, I think. I need summer clothes BADLY.

Sorry not more to report...

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Michele said...

Good luck shopping. Hope you hit some major sales!!! Stay cool!