Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Crimson Envy

Okay first off let me just say I'm not ungrateful for all I have been given. I've been very fortunate this year in the writing world and I'm completely thankful for all that's happened to me.

That said, I do have to admit to a little Crimson Envy.

You've probably heard of the upcoming kick-ass Dorchester Love Spell series "Crimson City" concocted by the uber talented author Liz Maverick, right? An alternate reality action romance series of an LA chock full of vamprires, werewolves, and mechs. (If you haven't, check this out here.) The premise is cool. The covers are cool. It just looks awesome.

I wish I were a part of it.

When I went to RT, Liz and fellow Crimson'ite Marjorie M. Liu and I spent one morning promoting our books together. You should have seen the eager faces of the women when they heard about this series. When they laid eyes on the covers.

They couldn't wait to get their hands on these books.

I can't wait either.

On Liz's blog, Crimson writers have been assigned little red oragami birds. As if they're part of some special team. Some cool exclusive club. Probably have even worked out a secret handshake.

God help me if they have a silver initiation pins at Nationals. It would so not be fair.

There's got to be some way I can get involved. Some way I can spend some time under the Crimson sun. Sure, all the authors (teammates (sigh)) have already been selected. Sure, I wouldn't have time to write anything even if they weren't. Sure, my writing style doesn't really match the tone of the series.

But it's just so...cool.

Hmm... Maybe I could start a Crimson City fan club. We could talk about our favorite characters and write fan fic set in the Crimson world. I even thought of a title for mine - Crimson Star. We could create replica silver pins and stalk Liz and the team at Nationals.

Or, um, maybe not.

Anyway - I'm obviously just being silly here (at least about the stalking), but I do think the series has major potential to rock and I plan to be first in line to get a copy.



Anonymous said...

It DOES sound like a cool series :)

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Marianne, you are so funny! It does sound cool, and I've already told Liz that I plan to buy her book to read on the plane to Reno. But don't worry my friend, I'm sure that you will have your own King Arthur following. I can't wait for the Robin Hood book!

Liz Maverick said...

Oooh, thanks pal!



Liz Maverick said...

I mean, not thanks about the stalking. But thanks about saying the series is cool. There's no handshake. We just get in a circle, lean in and make "wubba-wubba" noises while shaking our heads.

Marjorie Liu said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout-out, Marianne!

I think we need to add chicken sounds to the hand-shake, though. :-)

Patti O'Shea said...


Thanks for making me laugh! Now we seriously have to invent a secret Crimson City handshake. On the chicken noises, well, I think I'll just stay silent while Marjorie clucks. ;-)


Night Owl said...

I think there should be some howling at the time of the handshake - lets not forget the werewolf dimention. Maybe a fang or demon eyes pin. so many choices. This is going to be a great series. I've already pre-ordered the first 3 from Amazon.

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