Saturday, June 18, 2005


So it's Saturday. My day off. But in my world a true day off doesn't exist so I'm madly working on the synopsis for my 1920's book. (Which needs a title, damn it!) I'm doing a pretty detailed synopsis - (which is unusual for me) because I really feel I need a roadmap for this one so I can bang it out quickly once I start writing. I'm about halfway through and I like everything I've written so far. I think it's going to be a really fun, cool story.

But now I'm stuck again. And my editor made me promise to have the final product in his email by Monday AM.


I wonder if he'll fall for the old book report style of the synopsis. "If you want to know what happens next - read the book!" Heh. Think he's wise to that one????

Anyway - I've done all I can for today. I've still got Sunday and early Monday AM to think of something. I'm not worried. (Okay, I'm totally worried, but I'm thinking glass half full here.)

And so this entry is not just me whining yet again about the stupid synopsis, here's a little something to entertain you. My new puppy Adora - enjoying some conference chicken.


Oh and my last thing - I just found a review of CT Fashionista that said "If Ms. Mancusi felt like it, she could easily write an excellent straight fantasy." (!!!!!) This is probably my favorite compliment to date!! I am such a fantasy junkie. I love to read it. And I would really like to write one someday. How cool to get a review that says that? Now I just have to get an editor to agree with them...

And um, on that self-congratulatory note, time to torture myself with more synopsing.


Tess Harrison said...

What a cute picture! Love the chicken.

And good luck with the synopsis!

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe on Adora and the conference chicken }:) Synopsis writing is not my favorite thing either. Sending good vibes your way about that. And yay on the nice fantasy compliment!

Amy said...

Good luck with the synopsis. That pup is sooo cute!

Night Owl said...

Just wanted to say say - I loved your new book A Connecticut Fashionista In King Arthur's Court - I'm ready for the next chapters!:) Gwen's story! Please write it:)

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