Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Awaken Me Darkly!

Today I'm going to tell you about a FAB new book that's just been released as part of Pocket Book's Bad Girls of Downtown press. The book is called "Awaken Me Darkly" by Gena Showalter and it rocks! It's like Laurell K. Hamilton with aliens. What could be better? Nothing. Simply nothing. First - take a look at the rockin' cover. This alone screams BUY ME!

Anyway - the heroine, Mia Snow, alien huntress is one kick ass chick. The kind you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. She's also cool as anything. The kind of girl I wish I could be. At the same time, she's not the Terminator. She's had a traumatic past and even in some tough situations still manages to retain an inner sensitivity. (Even though she'd rather kill you than admit it.) She's someone you could totally be friends with. If you, um, didn't intend to ever piss her off.

Anyway - I'm about 100 pages into the book and let me tell you, the action doesn't stop. It's hard to put down and this morning I was actually wishing my commute was LONGER. :)

Anyway - go here for an excerpt. I dare you not to go buy the book after you read it.

I asked Gena a few questions about the book:

Did you enjoy writing a kick ass heroine like Mia?

God, yes! Writing the book was great therapy for me. I am an emotional person, and when someone made me mad, Mia got to kick their ass in the pages. What a sweet job I have!

Hmm. Remind me never to make you mad in real life. :) Anyway, you do a fab job making her uber tough, but still human -- with doubts, fears and weaknesses. Was that a challenge?

Absolutely. In my rough draft, she came across as Super Woman, someone who could do everything, needed no one, feared nothing. Who can identify with that? Not me, that?s for sure. I had to really examine her life to discover her vulnerabilities, then go back and add them in the story.

There seems to be more and more kick ass heroine books being released lately. Do you think this is a trend that will continue?

I certainly hope so. I adore reading about strong, assured woman who will fight for what they believe in. That, and I have several stories in the works with this type of heroine and want them to do well LOL

AND FINALLY... Are you for or against conference chicken? ;)

Before joining the Chicken Brigade I would have said I was against conference chicken. However, now that I am a member of such an elite society, I find there?s nothing more delicious, savory, and succulent than floppy, plain, and tough chicken.

Well there you have it. Author, Chicken Brigader, and all around cool chick Gena Showalter, everyone. Go buy the book! Or she'll sic Mia on you...



Anonymous said...

The book was a blast to read :)

Night Owl said...

I just loved Mia - Great Huntress - kick ass woman