Thursday, June 09, 2005

Not so bad poetry

I know you guys love the "blast from the past stuff" so I dug through the archives for something new and I've found the perfect thing!!

For background: I've dated far too many jerks in my life and not nearly enough poets. Therefore I can honestly say only one guy in my entire life has written an actual song about me. He gave me a copy and of course I saved it. I actually think it's pretty good. Sad, but sweet. This was freshman year in college. The guy was Dave and he was a musician from South Boston.

That Song Title

The nightmare never ends
I can feel the innocence slipping away
But I think you're bringing it back.

Too hard to open up - I understand
Running about for comfort
It's all right to cry.

The silk flows down over your shoulder
Your sight is nothing but sadness
Even during the laughter.

A similar view stands out
Eighteen years is a long time
I am scared too.

The ultimatum of time could be offered
That would ruin the little of what we have
But I am impatient.

"Interesting" is something you say
The attraction builds
Let me in
Let me in

Trust is bullshit
Take every chance offered
Time is precious
Take it even if it rips apart

Don't sell things short
I cry as well
You're causing it to return
I will do anything for you.

Because I know who you are.


Michele said...

First, Your new puppy is so Huggable!! Give her a squeeze and a kiss for me.
Second, the poem, for a guy, was really good. He must have been totally into you to write that. Cool!
Third:I've read A CT. F. in K.A. C. and I loved it. I've blogged about it already to my favorite authors to visit. However, I also just wanted to let you know that I am writing a review for it for my local library. Its a new program they are starting, Patrons for Patrons -(something like that) and they'll post it for people looking for good books to read during the summer. Anyway - you are the second book I've recommended. (the first was Unmasked by CJ Barry - another Blogosphere member)
I hope this helps spread the word about your book even further.
I look forward to your future success!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks Michelle! That's awesome. I really appreciate it. (And am very glad you like CT Fash!)