Thursday, January 31, 2008

She keeps going and going and going...

My week of non-stop’ness has not stopped yet. Tuesday J and I went to see Marilyn Manson in concert, which was actually pretty cool. I’m not a huge fan, but he puts on a really high energy show. It was also fun going to the nearby diner afterwards and seeing all the goth kids eating burgers and drinking milkshakes under harsh florescent lighting.

Last night I went to my wine bar (Riposo 72, which is downstairs from my apartment, hence the “my”) with my friends Chris and Mike. I love that place so much. We had wine, cheese, and interesting debates that got quite heated, considering the banal subject matter.

Tonight we’re on the hunt for mustaches for J’s friend Sarah’s mustache party on Saturday night. Yes, even the girls are required to wear them. Going to hit Halloween Adventure down in Union Square, which is a great year round costume store. Then I’m going to go meet up with my old Boston coworker/friend Justin at Westside Brewery. I haven’t seen him since I left Channel 7 and it turns out he and his wife live on the Upper West Side too. Total randomness.

Tomorrow is Friday (yay!) but we’re skipping the goth club in favor of a bar that features old school videogames like PacMan and Galaga. Should be fun. There used to be this great bar in Boston called Jillians that had every videogame you could think of—including really high tech, virtual reality ones. Then they remodeled and took out the games and put in a bowling alley. Can we say L-A-M-E?

Saturday is my friend and fellow author Melissa Walker’s book release party at Lancôme (free makeup – yay!) Liz and I are going to drop by to that. Then Sarah’s mustache party. Then Sunday is Superbowl Sunday! GO PATS! GO TOM BRADY!

Oh so J and I were talking about Friday the 13th movies and the question is – which one had both counselors and actual kids attending the camp? As opposed to the usual counselors are there but kids haven’t arrived ones. I say it’s either 3 or 6. We’ve decided to have a Friday the 13th marathon movie session sometime next week. At least 1-6 since then they just get horrible. (I know you’re thinking. “Aren’t they ALL horrible?” Well, the answer, my friend, is NO.) I found part 3 in actual 3D dvd on eBay and ordered it. So we’ll get to see it how it was meant to be seen! Woot.

Hm, is anyone still reading or are you running screaming from my dorkiness yet?


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Tez Miller said...

Still reading. Actually, you stopped cross-posting at LiveJournal, so I only just thought now to subscribe to your BlogSpot.

Have a lovely day! :-)