Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back from Boston

Boston was super fun. Went to my favorite sushi place: Douzo on Friday and then to this awesome goth night at TT The Bears called XMortis. It was small, but cool, and they had a steampunk theme and lots of people dressed for it. Think of kind of a Victorian meets futuristic. Awesome.

On Saturday went shopping, had coffee with Dad and my stepmom, then went to my boss Mark’s house in Brookline for drinks. His son AJ is sooo cute and funny. Then we went to a bar to watch the Patriots and then to Clink, the jail bar, then to the Beehive. On Sunday returned to NYC and went to a Texas barbeque bar with Jacob and his friends to watch the Cowboys/Giants game.

All and all it was a great time and really good to hang with friends and family.

Now I’ve got to buckle down for the rest of this month and yes and work on Razor Girl. I actually decided to go back to the beginning and start it from scratch, using some of the scenes I wrote, but completely revamping the book. I realized my characters weren’t working together and there wasn’t enough push-pull conflict. So I had a long talk with my editor and he helped me figure out a way to make it work. Thank goodness for smart editors!! It's scary to start over, but I think it will make the book so much better and easier to write, too. This is why you should always have a good outline!!



Anonymous said...

Starting over like that sounds so scary. It must be tough to rework so much of the book. Congrats on having such a savvy, patient editor. Sounds like it'll be stronger in the long run. Good luck!

TJBrown said...

There's nothing like good editors that help you when you're stuck!

Kim Stagliano said...

I'm glad to read you've started a book over - I'm darn new to this and did the same thing for my agent. I changed so much - and removed an element that I had adored, and yet, in the end, just didn't work. My agent was a huge help in giving me the confidence I needed to rewrite the story.

But the terror really never ends, does it? :)