Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day #3 Writer Marathon

Okay I'm burning through the rewrites, which rocks! It's making so much more sense with my adjustments that the book is practically writing itself now. Phew. Last night Leanna, Liz and I met at Starbucks to write, then Liz and I went and I got a pedicure and she got a manicure. (Leanna was teasing that I got a goth pedicure cause I had my toes painted this dark blue/black color, which looks awesome.) Then we all met back up for Chinese food and then headed to my place to do some more writing. We wrote to music, which really helped set the mood. I kicked them out at 11. We're going to do the whole thing over again tonight. (Exchanging dinner/pedicures for a little costume shopping for RT.) Gotta mix up the writing with a little fun, after all.

Speaking of fun, Liz and I are planning a futuristic themed Valentine's Day party for next month. Invites will go out soon. And yes, by themed I mean you need to dress futuristic style clothes. I found this great silver dress in Patricia Field's that I might wear. Anyway, we're working on the backstory for the party now, so stay tuned!!

This will be the first in a series of theme parties we're working on. Other future themes may include (but not limited to): steampunk, hooka, viking dinner. haha.

So much fun to be had, so little time to write!

An old friend from high school just emailed me and we're going out for dinner next week and she might come goth clubbing with us soon. Yay. I love reconnecting with old friends. There's one friend I have never been able to find though. Her name is Gretch Sgouros and she was my best friend in high school. I have absolutely no idea where she is now. I wonder if she got married and changed her name cause I haven't been able to google her or find her on facebook/myspace or anywhere! I don't think there's a single other person in my life that I've lost track of like that. Even other former friends of hers have no idea where she's gone to. It's sad cause it would be fun to talk to her again. If anyone knows her (by some weird coincidence) please email me. She'd be 33 years old and used to live in Groveland Massachusetts. Was kind of a goth girl type. Used to work at Express and went to Salem State. She loved Bowie, Morrissey and Madonna.

Anyway, tangent. But talking to April again makes me think of Gretchen and wonder where she is.



Brian Hamel said...

I know her, but alas I do not know where she is :( Please tell Mrs Driscoll that I send my warmest regards.....

TJBrown said...

I wish I had someone to write with. Sounds like a lot of fun:)

Chris said...
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Stephanie said...

Ok, now that's a good idea-- pedicures, chinese food, and a night of writing with the girls!

I love the V-day party idea. My friends throw a Goth V-day party and it's now the thing to be at! You should also find other random things to celebrate. We had a party where everyone dressed up in something Asian-inspired and we served Asian foods for Jackie Chan's Birthday. We also did black and white parties (you can only wear those colors) and so many others I could list!