Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Goth Night Out Recap

Sorry haven’t posted. Recap the weekend:

Friday Jacob and I went to Rosa Mexicano for dinner. I had met the chef doing a story there earlier in the week and so he did a special tasting menu for us to try. It was awesome. Like seven courses of delicious food. And they totally accounted for our allergies (mine shellfish, Jacob’s dairy) so we were able to eat everything placed in front of us. There was so much food – we couldn’t eat it all. But we did manage to make it to dessert, which was worth it. I highly, highly recommend trying Rosa Mexicano if you are in NYC. Absolutely worth it.

Then we headed back to my place to get the party started. Liz, Nya, Leanna, and Marcos all soon arrived and we drank Grey Goose and Cranberry while listening to music and dressing up. Painting nails, applying glitter, lacing boots, the works. My goal had been to take three million pics, but forgot to actually use the camera. Here are a couple of Liz and I, though, so you can see outfits.

(Liz is also wearing her infamous black shiny boots, though sadly they're cut off in this pic.)

liz goth night out

mar goth night out

(I'm not a fan of this one below, but it's the only one where you can see my whole outfit. And my new docs! Which, by the way, were really comfy!)


At around 10:45 we headed to the subway and down to the club for dancing. It was a blast and everyone had a good time – even the newcomers to the scene. I’d tell you all the funny stories, but what happens at the goth club stays at the goth club – so you’ll just have to come with us next time! :)

Saturday I was totally exhausted but I had a hair cut/color so I crawled out of bed to head to the hairdressers. I looked like a total mess, I’m sure, remnants of glitter still stuck to my lashes. And of course who is in the next chair over but Vanessa Williams. Yes, I’m sitting next to former Miss America. Not my best moment.

Sunday Jacob and I watched Edward Scisorhands, as planned, and some Angel. I’m thinking I should go back and watch all of Burton’s films. Next up should definitely be Ed Wood. Classic.

That’s about all. Next post I’ll show you my new Gamer Girl cover. It rocks!


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