Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writing Marathon Day #2

Okay I got through Day #1 of my 3,000 words a day. Now just 29 days to go. Ha, ha. I can do it though. I can, I can! It may take a lot of Diet Red Bull, but the end will justify my caffeine addiction and sleep deprivation and WoW abandonment. Yup, you heard it folks. I’m giving up WoW until the book’s done. It’s sad, but it’s also the right thing to do. WoW is fun, but a time sucker. Work comes first.

The good thing with rewriting versus starting a book from scratch is that the basic skeleton and plot is there. It’s not like I need to change events or fight scenes – it’s more the characters reactions to those events and scenes. So it’s not as daunting as it might first seem.

In other book news, Dorchester is doing a Buzz Building Campaign for my News Blues book. So if any of you would like a free advanced copy of the book in exchange for writing a review on amazon, posting info on your blog, etc. email me your address (readerletters at and I’ll put you on the list. I think we’ve got probably 10 or so slots left.

Last night Jacob and I went goth clothing shopping, which was a lot of fun. (Gotta love a guy who likes to shop!) Saw lots of good things I want to buy for upcoming parties. I’m starting to gather my outfits for the Romantic Times convention, especially. Have a really good idea for the fairy party. (No, I can’t say yet!!) And the vamp party is easy. What I cannot seem to find, though, is a pair of gold platform boots. You see, Dorchester is having a crazy shoe theme for their RT party this year – to go along with the two boots anthologies they’re releasing. (These Boots Were Made for Stomping and These Boots Were Made for Strutting.) I want to wear the same boots as my character does in Stomping, but I wrote them to be gold platform boots. And I cannot find them ANYWHERE. Silver, yes. Gold, not so much. I might have to end up spray painting. Grr.

That's all I got. Happy Weds.


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TJBrown said...

I so want to see you in gold platform boots!

And you gonna wear any of these costumes for the RWA book signing!