Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day wrap-up

I'm happy to report my Valentine's Day was fabulous and wonderful this year. Jacob, most awesome guy ever, gave me a sony digital camera for a v-day/birthday gift! I'm so excited! As you know I've been dying for a new camera since mine was left in Cabo last summer. And he gave me a 2 gig memory card so I can take like 700 pics without even clearing it out. He totally rocks.

He also gave me a vampire beanie baby bear named Baron Van Pyre. Here he is, bonding with the Cowboys beanie. He's actually technically a Pats fan vampire, but as Jacob says they're all friends over tequila.

vday 033

We decided to wait til Saturday to go out to dinner as it's crazy busy and terrible service on Valentine's Day and instead we made our own. We made beef enchiladas with ranchera sauce out of the Rosa Mexicano cookbook. Sooo delish. Even if we did improvise a little.

And of course, with my new camera, I decided to document the whole thing. :)

vday 001
Molly is ready for some cooking!!

vday 007
Before we start, of course, we need some liquid courage. Margarita, anyone?

vday 010
First, time to study the recipe...and realize I forgot to photocopy a few essential pages.

vday 009
Next, time to chop meat and onions. A lot of tears were shed.

vday 013
"Are you guys done YET?"

vday 015
Jacob's already regretting buying me a camera at this point...

vday 023
So I put down the camera and started cooking.

vday 020
"It's got to be ALMOST done, right???"
"Not yet, Molly!"

vday 028
Real Mexicans use their fingers to flip the tortillas, even if that means callouses.

vday 030
The final product! Okay, so the burned tortilla is on top. Food stylist I am not. But it sure tasted good!!

vday 026
And yes, don't worry, Molly got her share. :)




Tez Miller said...

Baron is beautiful, and doesn't seem emo - hoorah! ;-)

You so gave Molly a margarita - she has that Happy Dog smile on her face ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! :-)

P.S. Is it meaningful that my word verification begins with "eww"? ;-)

Kwana said...

Looks like a great Valentines Day and Happy B-day!!!