Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Party

Went down to Williamsburg for an Oscar party last night. Was a lot of fun, though I did not walk away with the pool. I actually started out pretty strong, but I knew sooner or later my wild guesses (having seen practically none of the movies!) would catch up to me. Overall was fun. Glad I didn't have to work today though! Though I have been writing from home all day. Getting a lot done on the book, which is encouraging.

Here are some pics of the party!

Oscar Party 018
Tome hosted the party and he wasn't fooling around! He had all the ballots inputed to a spreadsheet even! No cheating allowed!

Oscar Party 016
It can be hard to tabulate scores after drinking a few candy apple martinis!

Oscar Party 029
Jaberwock - the puggle - is dubious about Jacob's ability to double fist his drinks.

Oscar Party 033
But Jacob shows he can manage do it with style!

Oscar Party 017
As usual the awards ran long and attention at times waned from the TV.

Oscar Party 031
Jaberwock is pretending to watch, while scouting for food!

Oscar Party 080
The triumphant winners of the Oscar pool - Tome (3rd) Dawn (1st) and Mark (2nd)

Oscar Party 066(1)
Jacob won a booby prize of a hover ball pipe thing!

Oscar Party 059
Took a lot of tries to take a pic with the ball actually hovering though...

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