Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

I had a mini freak out with the book not gelling together right yesterday, but I think I've fixed it today. So my apologies to everyone I stressed out to -- it's all good now. At least til the next freak out. But hey - this is how we writers roll. ;-)

So as many of you know, I live in a studio apartment here in NYC where the location drives up the rent rather than the space. Lately I've been having a lot of guests over to hang out, write, watch Superbowl, etc. and I've realized the clutter is getting to critical mass. So my vow is to clean one section of my apartment each night and really go through everything and toss all that stuff I don't need. Minimalist, baby! I started with my computer area and I already feel much more relaxed hanging out here without stuff falling all over the place.

Sometimes I think it's fortunate that my house burned down when it did cause there is NO WAY I could have fit all that stuf in here. haha. Still, I would have preferred to pick and choose.

I think we're going to hit Barcade tomorrow again - this time for a good old round of Gauntlet. (And some Crystal Castles, of course, let's not be crazy here!) I wish the place wasn't in Williamsburg cause I would go there all the time if it was on the UWS. Hm, maybe it IS a good thing it's in Williamsburg. Otherwise I wouldn't have any quarters for laundry.

Ohhh speaking of, I finally broke down and tried the wash and fold service at the local laundermat. You bring them clothes and they wash them and then deliver them back to your apartment all clean and folded. Seems the ultimate in lazy to me, but everyone keeps raving about it so I decided on a little experiment. I only dropped off sheets and blanket and towels though as I'm a little wary of them damaging my real clothes. So will report back tomorrow with the results. (Wow, this blog is fascinating, huh?)

I'm also trying to exercise more. I went jogging Monday and Tuesday and rollerblading today. I'm sick of being such a slacker and exercise also relieves stress- something I have a lot of these days with this book!

That's all for now, going to grab some dinner.

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