Monday, February 04, 2008

I <3 NY but not the Giants

I don't to discuss the game. Too depressing. As were the whoops and cheers and honking outside my window far into the night. I may live in New York. I may love New York. I may never want to live anywhere BUT New York. But I will never, ever, ever root for a New York sports team.


I'm from New England, after all. And we don't roll like that.

To add insult to injury I now owe Liz a tube of lipgloss... She's currently deciding between Dior and Chanel. Sigh.

Okay, moving on. I thought some of the commercials last night were really stupid - especially considering how much money was spent on them. Some even bordered on racist. But I did really love Hank the Clydesdale. It still brings a tear to my eye - that dog high fiving the horse. Awhhh.


TJBrown said...

Yeah, that was a good one. There were some others too... I think they was better than last year:)

Tez Miller said...

She's currently deciding between Dior and Chanel.
Oh, can't she pick something more affordable? ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Marianne Mancusi said...

Well it's kind of my fault on the whole chanel/dior thing because I was pretty overconfident that the Pats would take it home and so I was taunting her quite a bit with what I'D have HER buy me. Sigh.

Wendy Roberts said...

Oh I LOVED Hank the Clydesdale!! But, ahem, I was also cheering for the Giants. Sorry.