Wednesday, February 20, 2008

News Blues - one week away!

Though I often digress from book information on this blog, it's good to pull it back once in a while, especially when I have a new book coming out in a week! :) The book, in case you aren't aware, is called NEWS BLUES and it's the story of a downtrodden television producer (ring any bells?) named Maddy.

Hope you get a chance to check it out! Here's the summary and some reviews:


All 27-year-old Maddy Madison wants is a cute guy, a designer handbag and to work at Newsline. What she has is a dead-end job at News 9 San Diego, a psycho boss and a counterfeit Kate Spade. One with a badly glued-on label. Oh, and no guy.
Just when Maddy’s sure her days of producing sensationalistic puff pieces will never end (“Perilous Pets!” “Deadly Dishwashers!” “Clay that Kills!”) she’s offered a promotion. She’s now an investigative producer—and that’s not all; she’s also partnered with the station’s newest photographer: sexy, motorcycle-riding bad boy and former moviemaker Jamie Hayes. But every silver cloud has a stormy lining. Her new job is with News 9’s narcissistic anchor, Terrance Toller; Jamie’s getting married (not to her); and reporting the truth is about as easy as watching your divorced parents get remarried (not to each other).
So, how does Maddy get to produce real news, bag her boss and win her man? Stay tuned. It’s the story of a lifetime.

TOP PICK! "A fast-paced, hilariously funny look into life behind the scenes at a local news stationa fast-paced, hilariously funny look into life behind the scenes at a local news station." -- Romance Reader at Heart

"[An] original and quirky twist on chick-lit." -- Romance Reviews Today

"Intriguing look behind the scenes of TV news production, including a pleasing romance." -- Fresh Fiction


Wendy Roberts said...

Sounds great!

Wendy Roberts said...

Sounds great!

mary beth bass said...

I saw News Blues beautifully displayed in a front rack stand of romance at Borders in Fairfield CT last night. This Borders also placed Moongazer really well.

Mary Beth Bass