Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Tale of the Valentine's Day Rose

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful red rose. It was bought with love and presented to a special someone on Valentine’s Day, only to end up rejected and abandoned at an above-ground Astoria subway stop. Left to die in the bitter cold, without water, without love.

Why was the rose rejected? We will never know. But we do know that at that point three lovely New Yorkers came upon this lonely rose. They took one look at it and realized that they needed to rescue this rose from its fate. So they took it with them as they traversed into Manhattan. They realized that the rose, this simple flower, may have true power, hidden deep inside. Power to change fate, to alter lives, to make things better. (Or at least just to make them laugh and give them something to take photos of.)

So they cared for the rose. Filling a Diet Red Bull can with water to nourish it.

V Day Adventures 034

And they communed with it, attempting to still its pain and perhaps revel in its power.

V Day Adventures 035

V Day Adventures 036

Oh and they took some silly pictures with it as well. After all, roses like to have fun, too!

V Day Adventures 043

V Day Adventures 046

And the rose, in turn, brightened their night and beautified the trashy bar they’d brought it to.

V Day Adventures 051

And it made them all very happy!

V Day Adventures 056

V Day Adventures 048

V Day Adventures 053

And the rose managed to escape its intended fate and instead live out the remainder of its day surrounded by friendship and love. Happily ever after, one might even say.


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Leanna said...

OMG! I am rolling on the floor giggling with my bestest buddy from High School who now knows that in order to find out what I'm doing to come to your blog. This was crazy funny!