Friday, February 08, 2008

Game without end...

Last night we went to Barcade again. I love that spot. I wish it was closer to Manhattan. It's a 45 minute subway ride to Williamsburg from where I live which is quite the trek. Yes, I'm lazy, I know, but what can you do.

Anyway, Jacob and his coworkers and I journeyed there with the sole mission to play lots of Gauntlet. You may remember Gauntlet was one of the first D&D type games to pop up in an arcade. You chose your character - elf, warrior, valkerie, or wizard - and basically just ran through neverending mazes of monsters. There are several popular (well, geek popular) phrases that came from that game such as "Elf needs food...badly!" and "Valkerie is...about to die!"


Anyway, what we learned from this experience is Gauntlet actually never ends. There are hundreds of levels and as long as you keep shoving in quarters it will keep going and going like some freaking Energizer bunny. When you're a kid, this is less of an issue because you run out of quarters quick. (Also back in 1985 them were some stellar graphics!) But as adults with more than twenty dollars worth of quarters, let's just say it started getting pretty painful. By the end we were all dying to just, well, die, and get it over with.

In all, I'm not sure we even made it to level 30 before we couldn't take it anymore. And now I'm totally cured of any desire to play that game ever again.

I still dig Crystal Castles though! ;-)


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Diana Peterfreund said...

Man, I've never heard those phrases before... and my paladins (one each on horde and alliance) are named a variation of valkerie.