Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sofa Shopping

Jacob needed a new sofa so today he and I went down to Soho to wander around all the furniture shops down there. The boutiques down there are full of really modern stuff that looks awesome, but isn't necessarily going to be really comfy to actually curl up and watch TV on. And then there were the prices! At one point we sat on this sofa that we thought was pretty nice and then decided to look at the tag. $10,000! I believe that one was in the Armani Casa store.

Some people in this world have way too much money!

Still it was a lot of fun to look at what the other half buys. For example, check out this leather platform bed we found at one store. How cool would this be in your bedroom?

amazing bed

Price? $12,000.

But my favorite find of the afternoon was this. From a store called MOSS.

panda chair

Yes, it's exactly what it looks like -- a chair made out of stuffed pandas! It was so cute I couldn't believe it. It said don't touch, but I had to cheat a ltitle bit. After all, it was a PANDA CHAIR! It was really soft. Price? Well, there was a sign that said you had to ask and you know what they say: "if you have to ask you can't afford it." So I had to reluctantly leave the panda chair behind. But not before a photo, of course!

ADDED: When I got home I looked up the chair online. Evidently there are only 25 made. Previous years there was a teddy bear chair and an aligator chair. Check them out!

All in all it was a really fun afternoon. And Jacob did find a great couch that is smooshy and cozy and didn't cost $10,000 so mission accomplished, too! :)


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Tez Miller said...

I'd be scared to sit on that chair. "Oh noes, I'm squashing the pandas!" ;-)

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely day! :-)