Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Monday

Happy Monday!

I had a good weekend. Went to this really cool Renn Faire in Ft. Tyron (which is upper Manhattan) on Sunday. There were like 50,000 people there, but it was fun even with the crowds. Lots of cool booths to check out, as well as sword fighting, etc. I found a really cool necklace to go with the outfit I'm putting together for NJ. It's a beautiful gothic cross kind of thing. Perfect! A lot of people were dressed up in Medieval garb and I was jealous that I didn't have any to wear. There was even a gypsy reading palms, which totally reminded me of the scene in Connecticut Fashionista where Kat gets sent back in time.

This week I really need to buckle down and work on my anthology story so I can get that turned in soon. Then on Friday I'm going to the NJ RWA conference, which should be fun. I've been to this conference for like the last 5 years and it's one of my favorites. Actually the first year I went I pitched and got my first agent! That was exciting, to say the least!! Please come up and say hi if you see me there. Liz and I will likely be hard to miss. :)

Tomorrow is BOOK RELEASE DAY!! Yay GiRLs that Growl!! Also, we're going to have a very special guest blogger later today -- with vampire giveaways! So check back soon!


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~paulette said...

i use to attend the anual midevil (or however you spell that word) festival every year here in arizona. It was awsome, and i too remember the "bummer" feeling of not having the dress-up to match. I never saw sword-duling at ours tho, so i'm jelous. We had jousting, but i think i would have prefered the swords. I'm in a kenpo-class and i have been looking forward to the day i get to take the weapons class myself.