Saturday, October 06, 2007

NJ RWA Update

I'm sitting in my hotel room in NJ, getting ready to do our author branding workshop. The conference has been great so far! Liz and I led a PAN discussion on publicity yesterday, then went to a Q&A with Sherrilyn Kenyon. She called me out in front of everyone to chat about goth fashion. :) I love her. We chatted with her for a while afterwards. Did you hear there's a release date finally for Ash's book? It's July 08, I believe. Cannot WAIT! She was like "You stole my corset" cause remember I found the exact one her Simi character was wearing (the girl who plays Simi is actually her cousin, I guess.) She said she has it in purple though.

Here's what my outfit looked like. (Liz and I took goofy pics before going out.)

Liz also took this pic of me after we had a few drinks and were waiting around for the awards ceremony to begin. I really like how it came out so I'm posting it as well.

That night we went to the awards ceremony. I like how they read a steamy passage from each winner's book. The woman who reads them is really good. Liz had to go up and present the paranormal award cause she won the category last year. They gave away gift baskets and I won one with lots of Christmas goodies in it! Very cool cause I don't have a lot of Christmas stuff since I lost it all in the fire.

Then there was an amazing dessert reception with the most delicious cakes. I stuffed myself with sweets. We met up with Stacey Agden from Posner Books and her friend who was a really cool goth girl type. She and I made plans to go clubbing in NYC sometime soon. I'm totally psyched about this because I miss going to goth clubs since Manray in Cambridge closed down and before now didn't know anyone in NYC who was into that scene. Can't wait to go!!

This morning we heard a breakfast speech from Karen Robards which was really funny and inspiring. I can't believe people used to have to write books with typewriters. I would NOT be a writer today if I had to - my brain just doesn't work like that! Thank goodness for computers.

Okay better get ready for my workshop. Will recap more later. :) Having a wonderful time!!!


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