Friday, October 12, 2007

Sex and the City Sightings

Went to meet a friend for lunch in Bryant Park this afternoon and ran into today’s Sex and the City movie filming. (I swear they’re everywhere!! Drove past them filming earlier in the week down in the village.) There were a ton of people crowded the street set and I had my dog so it was hard to stop to look, but I did walk right by Chris North. (Ahhh, Big, I loves you!!!!) Anyway, just seemed like a very New York moment.

Oh and yes, my dog got to come to work with me today, which was extra fun! We were shooting a segment on dog massage. She did a great job lying still on a table under the bright lights, allowing some stranger to touch her. Actually the stranger was the masseuse for the NJ Nets, so I guess Molly was in good hands, to say the least.

So glad it’s Friday! I think I mention I’m going clubbing tonight. Fun, fun! Then tomorrow I’m going to try to go to the NY RWA meeting if I’m not too tired from being out all night dancing. I’ve also got to work on my novella which is getting very close to being finished. Just in time to start the edits for my book News Blues, which should come to me next week. THEN I hope I can start my new Shomi book!

Speaking of, I asked before if anyone knew what Razor Girl referred to. Well, it’s a nod to William Gibson’s Neuromancer. The original Razor Girl, Molly Millions, had 4cm retractable razor blade implants in her fingers, along with other cybernetic enhancements, which helped her fight and hustle. She’s a street samurai and one of the coolest women ever in cyberpunk fiction. I don’t want to spoil the plot of my book by explaining why my title fits, but that’s what it references.

Happy Weekend!

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