Thursday, October 25, 2007

10 Tenors

I promised you a picture of the hot Australian opera singers who graced our Better TV studios on Monday. So here they are! The Ten Tenors and me. (Yes, I have a great job!)

Blogger is cutting off the 10th guy so click on the pic for all their true glory. :)

And yes, they can really sing too! Check them out online at


Anonymous said...

you mean they couldnt find one person of color to add to the 10 tenors...not one black or latino brother to add in there. They wont last especially with the number being so high and not representative of any minorities...especially since minorities are known, not just stereotypically to have better voices than white men. in opera, r and b, soul, top 40 AND MORE.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they definately won't last. The fact that they've been releasing platinum selling albums and touring the globe 11 months of the year since the year 2000 really shows that. They're really just a flash in the pan...give them a few months and they'll just disappear. Do your research before you post an ignorant, ill informed comment would be my suggestion...