Thursday, October 11, 2007


Wet and rainy Thursday here in NYC. Bleh.

Last night I had drinks with my fellow Berkley Jam author Melissa Walker (Violet on the Runway – go buy and read, it’s fab!) at this really cool bar on West Houston called the Pegu Club. They specialize in gin drinks and had some amazingly creative ones. It’s cool because they bring you over a thing of “drink condiments” where you can add sugar or bitters or lemon juice or other things if you want to customize your drink more to your tastes. Of course the drinks were so delicious I didn’t even need to use them!

Melissa is going to be giving away a signed copy of Girls that Growl on her blog soon – I will let you know when. I am going to run a contest at the same time for a copy of Violet on the Runway.

Afterwards I met my friend Jamie in the East Village and caught up with her. It’s amazing how busy I’ve been with the book and work stuff and how I’ve managed to neglect friends and going out. So it was nice to have a night off of writing for a change. Just can’t get too caught up in it all or I’ll fall behind again. I don’t know how writers with husbands and kids do it.

Friday I’m going dancing with my new friend Leanna, who I met at the NJ conference this past weekend. Totally psyched to find a clubbing buddy in the city.



Melissa said...

i'll keep you posted on the "g that g" contest! either next weds or weds after... xo, m

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

The Pegu club is one of my favorite bars, if you didn't have them this time, try the deviled eggs. They are awesome!