Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm so excited...I not only found a top that looked like Sherrilyn Kenyon's Simi, I found the exact same top. It's from the TRIPP line, which I love anyway, and they had it in stock down at Trash and Vaudeville. Yay! It's sooo adorable. I can't wait to wear it in NJ. I tried to buy Docs too, but they didn't have any 14 hole black ones in my size, so I'll have to wait on those. I think my other black boots will work with the outfit, so no big deal. Bought a bunch of pink hair accessories to go with the outfit as well. I don't have anything as cool as Simi's skirt, so I think I'll go with my black pleated one.

I'm so happy it's the weekend! Got some fun stuff planned, too. Though, of course, I also need to work on my anthology, which actually, it coming out great and I'm really enjoying. It's such a silly story--but in a good way, I think.

Four more days til Girls that Growl is out!! I'm really psyched about that! And I should have some news about a fourth Blood Coven book really, really soon. So stay tuned!! (And buy lots of copies of Girls that Growl so that the publisher will be amazed and awed by the book's success and buy 50 more sequels. LOL.)

Okay that's all for now. Time to jumpstart the weekend!! :)

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