Thursday, December 13, 2007

Party Day!

Went ice skating at Rockerfeller Center with Jacob last night. Was pretty cool - a very New York kind of moment. The tree there is absolutely stunning. We're going to go ice skating again soon but I think next time we'll try Central Park, which is bigger and likely less crowded. Had dinner and drinks after that. Was a fun night.

Tonight Liz and I are holding our holiday party. Yay! I think we'll have like 16 people there, which is a good group. Though with the snow there may be a few no-shows. Oh well, no matter what we'll have a good time, I'm sure.

I got my copy edits for Gamer Girl. The copy editor went a bit overboard with her pencil, I think. She changed a lot of my IMs to more proper English. Heh. As if kids write that way. :) I am going to be STET'ing a lot, I think. Still, I am excited to see this book shaping up. Can't wait to get an ARC of it.

Speaking of ARCs, I'm getting a copy of my News Blues ARC today. Woot. I really need to update my website to include this book (and the rest of my back list). I did write an article for Romantic Times Magazine on working and writing about TV News. So that's cool.

For those who asked, yes Razor Girl is a SHOMI book. Comes out in September 08. My releases next year are:

News Blues - March
These Boots Were Made for Stomping (anthology) - April
Razor Girl - September
Gamer Girl - November

I am kind of psyched today cause I sent an email asking a question to one of my favorite writers, Cory Doctorow (a cyberpunk type who wrote the fab book "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom") and he wrote me back. Now I can list him as great writer AND nice guy. He has a very cool blog, too, which I recommend.

Okay I'm blabbing so more later. Will take pics at the party to share with those of you who can't make it!


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