Monday, December 10, 2007

Ah Monday

Had a good weekend. Friday Leanna and I watched a movie then went clubbing. There was a band, but it was a good one. Our favorite DJ was not there, but we danced ‘til 2am anyway. Definitely a fun time. Saturday Liz and I had a good writing session – I get so much more done with a writing buddy! Then Saturday night I played WoW, of course. We unsuccessfully raided Zul Aman. Kind of a waste of time since we didn’t get past the first boss. On Sunday Liz, Stacy, Anne and I went to the Anime Fest. That was very cool – lots of amazing cosplay. They had the best gothic lolita outfits at one stand. Sadly I’m broke so I couldn’t buy anything, but I got the woman’s card. Great to see American designers of Goth Loli – will save tons on the shipping costs.

BTW Liz and I are throwing a holiday party on Thursday at an UWS bar. New York friends, if you did not get an Evite it’s cause I’m lousy at keeping everyone’s email addresses organized. Email or comment if you want to come and I’ll add you to the list. The more the merrier!



Da Vinci said...

you guys sound like you know how to have a good time, lol...if you like a good read check out my blog, I think you'll enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Hey Marianne --

*waving from LI* It will require heroic feats of babysitting-conniving, but I would love to come Thursday night if I can swing it. Please send me an evite if you get this in time!


Marianne Mancusi said...

Hey Michele,

I sent you an evite. Hope you can make it!! It would be great to see you and celebrate your upcoming Shomi!! :)


Abidias said...

okay so I dont know you at all, but darn it if your blog hasnt been quite entertaining. LOL I hate zul aman, Love it but hate it. We got to the first boss after more wipes than I care to discuss here. Darn pug groups :) But your kara farming group is what caught my eye, just started kara (kinda late in my attunement) and I agree, what a pretty instance and so much to it! anyhow, thats it, keep on playing, amazes me how diverse the wow world is. People from all walks of life. All of them at 14 dollars a month ;) Talk later.