Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ahh time off

It's so nice not being at work this week! I wish I never had to go back. Not that I mind my job - I love it - but the freedom of sleeping in and meeting friends to write our books in Starbucks etc. is very nice too.

Yesterday I got my ears re-pierced. I haven't worn earings in years and years. I hope this time I'll be able to without them getting infected. I'm told if I stick with gold it will be less irritating. I got white gold though cause I'm not a fan of yellow. Anyway, it's funny to look in the mirror and see sparkly studs in my ears. I like them so far. :)

I cooked a steak dinner for Liz and Stacy and they both swore I am the best cook ever. I tried to tell them it was just throwing them on a fry pan and really anyone could do it, but I was proud none the less. I would love to start cooking more if people will come over to eat what I make. It's boring to cook for one's self, which is why I never bother.

After dinner we went and got manicures then headed over to Park Blue where we met up with Leanna and Jacob for some pre-clubbing drinks. Then Stacy went home (she had to work early) and the rest of us went to try out Contemp, a monthly goth night we hadn't gone to before. The music could have been better, but the space was really nice. Good size dance floor and plenty of places to lounge. I'd go back.

Today I've got to work on my copy edits for Gamer Girl. They're due after New Year's so I'm running out of time. I did finish going over my Karma Kitty galleys yesterday, so that was some progress. What I really want to do is get back to writing Razor Girl.

That's about all going on here!


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