Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Day Before BEA

Countdown to BEA: 1 Day!

Liz arrived late last night and we stayed up way too long talking about our plans for BEA. There's so much to do! But it will be fun as well. I tried my costume on last night and it's soo great! I'm going to be totally manga'ed out--little black jacket with buckle sleeves, red plaid skirt, legwarmers with pom poms, etc. I'm even going to put up my hair in two little buns, I think. Liz and I are going shoe shopping in the East Village after work to complete the outfits. I want to find some platform Mary Janes maybe. I ordered some embroidered skull Mary Janes off the Internet, but they haven't come yet... Boo!

We also have to spend some time tonight stuffing our press packs. Not as fun as shopping, but even more necessary.

Okay much to do - must go!! :)Remember - we're signing from 11-1 tomorrow at the Dorchester booth if you can stop by!!


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TJBrown said...

Thinking good thoughts for you!!