Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Stuff and Pics

First off – all Star Wars fans have to read this. Was the attack on the Death Star an inside job?

Last night I went out to NY’s oldest rock club, The Bitter End, in Greenwich Village. Met up with my friend Jamie and her mom to see a couple bands play. (Her mom works with the singer of one of the bands.) The music was really good actually. Had a few drinks, chatted with Jamie, who I hadn’t seen in a while, and then headed back up to the west side. Was a fun night, especially for a Monday!

Tonight I’m supposed to have dinner with my friend, agent Nadia Cornier, and some other industry types, I think. Somewhere down in Union Square. I swear I should have moved down to The Village instead of the Upper West Side as that’s where everyone always goes out. Actually maybe it’s for the best though – as I really need to buckle down and work more. These books don’t write themselves, you know. :)

Oh, remember how I had some author photos taken last week? Now I’m trying to decide which one to use for my official back of the book pic.

I think I've narrowed it down to these three - let me know what you think!

Also had them take a wider shot, just for fun.

The best thing is that the photographer is the same photog that did my cover for Girls that Growl. She also did Crimson City and Alyssa Day’s 2nd Atlantis book. She was really really nice and very talented and said if I ever wanted to come down to her studio to watch a book cover being shot, I could! How cool would that be?

Hope your week is going great!!


Gena Showalter said...

I absolutely adore the last one! It's my fav.

Katherine E. Hazen said...

I think that I like the wide shot the best, perhaps have it cropped and use that one? If not I think I would use the second one. They're all really nice shots.

Kathy said...

To be honest, the fourth pic is the best. But if you are just going between the top three pics, go with the first. You're not smiling in the other two and it kinda looks like you wanna hurt something.:-)

Melissa said...

I love the first one!m

Cindy Holby said...

I like the first one. But I really like the body shot. It shows your personality I think