Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay - 3 Day Weekend!

It's Memorial Day weekend! And it's going to be a hot one from the looks of it. I think it's in the 90s today in NYC. Summer in the city - fun, fun. :)

Not too much planned this weekend - maybe a barbeque type thing tomorrow. Dinner out tonight. Lots of time spent working on Gamer Girl, etc. Gotta lay semi-low cause next weekend is BEA. Can't hardly wait for that! Liz is arriving on Weds and we have a packed weekend of promotion for our Rebels of Romance campaign and the new SHOMI line. Should be fun and hopefully rewarding. This is the most promotion I've ever done for a book, but it's been a great experience. It's much more fun to promote with a partner, btw. You keep eachother motivated and on task. Too easy to slip and get lazy if you're not held accountable by another person.

BTW if you're going to be at BEA we're in booth #3681 signing Friday 11-1. Come see us!!

In other news - I finally finished the first season of LOST. I know, being a non-cable DVD type of girl I'm always at least a year behind on any televised cultural phenomenon. Not to mention I had assumed I wouldn't like the show. Boy was I wrong! I am totally hooked now and desperate to watch Season 2. Of course I heard it wasn't as good, which is too bad cause I really, really dug Season 1. Though I have to say I was very disapointed that they killed off Boone. I know most people are in love with Sawyer or Jack but I, myself, always go for the sad, tragic pretty boys.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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Cindy Holby said...

alas poor Boone, I lusted him well. See why we couldn't say anything at RT when we were discussing Lost.

Watch season two then hurry up and watch season three. It was pretty much mind blowing at the end