Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Stuff

Hey all, happy Monday!

My weekend was good. Aaron came down from Boston for the weekend which was fun. We went to my favorite Moroccan bar Shalel on 70th/Columbus then headed down to the village. We were supposed to go to Chumley’s this really cool speakeasy from the 1920s but when we got there, we found out the building had been condemned. Such a shame. So we headed over to the uber hipster meatpacking district and ate at Buddha Bar, which was excellent. Then we walked all the way back. (About 3 miles of Manhattan, including a very busy trek through Times Square.) Was fun. The next morning we had brunch at Good Enough to Eat and went shopping. I miss Aaron so it was nice to see him. I hope next time he comes he brings his dog!!

Speaking of dogs, Molly is doing much better. Though she still has to wear her cone, which she hates. Poor thing. I wish you could explain to dogs that it’s for their own good. Oh well.

In writing, I’m plugging away at Gamer Girl, which has so far been a breeze to write. I love when stories just come to me with little hair pulling out. I must say, no matter how much I love my paranormals, contemps are just so much easier and quicker to write. Which is good considering it’s due July 1st. I think it’ll be no problem though.

Then again, I also bought a Playstation 2 yesterday so who knows how productive I’ll be once I get addicted to Final Fantasy XII. Ah to neglect writing my book about videogames because I’m playing a videogame. There’s some poetic justice there somewhere, right? And yes, it is a Playstation 2, not 3. I can’t afford a game system that costs $600 tyvm.

Less than two weeks ‘til the Book Expo of America. Liz Maverick and I are signing in the Dorchester booth from 11-1 if you’re there and interested. The first 25 people get a complete set of arcs for the first three Shomi books. I need to snag myself Eve Kenin’s arc “DRIVEN” as I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet. I mean, post apocalyptic trucker romance – how cool is that?

I’ve never been to a Book Expo before so I’m excited to check it all out. I heard it’s pretty crazy – and tons of free books! (Not that my apartment can fit more books…)

That’s all for now!


TJBrown said...

How fun is that? Keep everyone updated... I lurve reading about NY.

Kathy said...

I love my PS2. I have no intention of upgrading even when the PS3 comes down in price. I just adore my system. Currently, I am playing Harry Potter World Cup Quidditch which is great. There are a lot fo neat games out for the ps2 that you can't get on ps3.