Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hey all,

We’re getting through the week – slowly but surely! Thanks for all the pic comments! I agree - the full body shot is the most fun. I just don't know if it'll fit on the back of the book. Especially accompanied by my long winded bio. ;-)

Last night I finally took a much needed rest and stayed indoors. I’ve been having way too much fun going out lately and felt I needed a night off to just sit home and play videogames. The night before that was a different story. I went down to Union Square to eat Cuban and drink margaritas with agent Nadia Cornier and Harper Collin’s Editorial Director Michael Stearns. Nadia’s a long time friend but this was my first time meeting Michael. He’s very cool though – got a great sense of humor. All in all it was a fun evening.

The next day I had to bring my dog in for surgery. She had to have a lump removed (turned out to be just a fatty tumor, thank goodness!) and 8 – count ‘em – 8 TEETH extracted. Poor baby. But it’s better to be aggressive with these kinds of things than let the bacteria from her gums travel to her heart. I’d rather have a totally toothless dog than one with a bad heart. So hopefully this will ensure Molly will be healthy and happy for a few more years to come. I can’t even imagine the day I have to finally put her down. She’s been my constant companion – through good times and bad – for 10 years now – my entire working adult life. She’s moved with me from Florida to Boston to California to Boston and most recently to NYC. I don’t know what I will do without her. But she’s just turning 11 this week so I’m hoping we have quite a few years left.

That was the bad part of yesterday. The good part was that my Dutton editor loved my new proposal and wants to make it the second book on my contract. In fact, we might even switch things up and do this book first and Camelot Code second. The book is called Gamer Girl and deals with my favorite subject of all time – videogames!! J Woot. I love that I get paid to write about things I enjoy myself. And I’m so thrilled that my new editor is totally into my second idea. (And that Camelot Code wasn’t just a fluke!) This will also be in hardcover. Very cool.

Also, I got my arcs for Moongazer – woot!! Will start sending them to be reviewed soon!


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TJBrown said...

I'm glad your puppy is okay... My dog is the love of my life(don't tell my dh!) so I know how you feel.