Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shomi BEA!

The Rebels of Romance (aka Liz Maverick and I) take on BEA...

Be very afraid...


TJBrown said...

fabulous vid, Mari... I showed it to my husband... My chances of attending BEA just went down. He said doesn't look like a working trip to him:)

ryan said...

i'm curious as to why you and your friend always dress like your characters. do you think it legitimizes the story more? does it appeal to older people or only younger readers? are you trying to identify with the younger people you're trying to reach? or are you saying that you are the character you write about? i don't see other writers doing this so i was curious.

ryan (i'm a girl)

Marianne Mancusi said...

Good question. :) Basically Liz and I have been getting more and more into the manga/anime world and there's a Japanese subculture called COSPLAY which literally means "costume play." People go to special conventions and dress up as their favorite manga characters. We figured since we were promoting manga-inspired novels it would be a fun idea to cosplay while promoting the books.

While it started out as a marketing strategy, we have become kind of addicted to picking out costumes and creating different looks. It's a lot of fun!

You can read about Cosplaying here:

or go to for some good examples.