Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick Update

Last night I went to Roosevelt Island, which is between Manhattan and Queens and hung out and barbequed with my friend Jamie and her mom. Was fun. It’s really nice over there – you can sit by the river and look at the skyline across the way. You feel like you’re away from it all, but really you’re very close. We had steak and it was yummy.

This week is both dragging and flying by as we get closer to BEA. I am looking forward to it, but feel very unprepared. Of course going out last night instead of actually, say, preparing may not have been the wisest mood. But a girl’s gotta have some fun too, you know? At least my costume arrived. Liz Maverick and I, if I haven’t mentioned it before, are dressing up manga/cosplay style for our signing. I’ll make sure someone takes pics.

In other news, Diana Peterfreund talks about her new YA deal on her blog. Let’s just say there are killer unicorns involved. Yes, killer unicorns. I need to read this book like yesterday! You go, Diana!! And another woot to Terri Brown who sold her first book to Simon Pulse. Yay!!

I’ve finished the rough draft of Gamer Girl. Now I need to go back for some intense polish. I want to try to finish it by mid June so my agent can take a look before we send it to Dutton. (She has great editorial instincts!) It’s been a fun book to write and I’m happy with how it’s shaping up.

That’s about it for now!


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TJBrown said...

Thanks for the shout out! It is pretty amazing. Have fun at BEA this week!