Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up and WoW fun

Wow. The weekend went by WAY too fast for me. I can't believe it's Monday already.

On Saturday I got my hair done. I went darker this time. I think it looks good. Since I have dark eyes it sort of matches my face better. It's different anyway and I think I needed a change. I'll take a pic when I get a chance so you can see.

On Sunday I went to my RWA meeting. Jennifer O'Connell talked about women's fiction. She did great! Afterwards we all went out to Friday's. Mmmm. Fun afternoon overall.

I also, of course, played lots of World of Warcraft. And now I'm going to talk about it. So skip the next paragraph (in red) if videogame geek talk doesn't interest you!

I have to say, I'm enjoying the expansion and Blizzard has made it pretty seemless. I mean, the beginning new areas are completely overcamped, but the spawn rate for mobs has evidently been adjusted to compensate for this so even though it's crowded, you can still get quests done in a reasonable amount of time. My partner and I are kitted out enough that nothing's been too difficult either. AND it's cool cause we're getting some new armor that's actually better than the stuff we slaved in instances for months to acquire. Which is sad, in a way, but exciting in another. We've just been doing quests so we haven't gotten to check out the new instances yet - hopefully this week! We're almost 61, but a lot of our guild has already gotten to 65! Can you say, "No life?" Oh well, to each his own. I'm not dying to rush to 70. I mean, once you get there - that's it! So why not enjoy the leveling? I also started a blood elf on another server. (Blood elves are horde so I can't be on my same server.) She's only level 4 right now, but eventually I'd like to bring her up. She's soo pretty! It's about time the horde have a pretty race. I started my character on the same server as Serena Robar started hers so I hope we can play together soon! It's on the Vashj server and my character is Skyie if anyone wants to join us!

Okay WoW talk done! Thanks for bearing with me!! :)

Tonight authors Hank Phillippi Ryan and Jennifer O'Connell and I are going to get drinks at Anthem, which is this really cool bar/restaurant down by the Boston Garden/North Station. Should be fun!

That's about all there is to report! Hope everyone has a great week!


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