Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sat Stuff

Happy Saturday!!

I just got back from having a facial at a spa on Newbury Street. My skin really, really needed it. Gotta hate winter!! At least the facialist was nice and didn't yell at me too much about my dry nasty skin. Now I feel dewey as a summer's morn! Cheer!

I also hit H&M. They are having the BEST sale. Tons of clearance and on top of that it's buy one get one free. Life is good.

Tonight I'm going out for my friend Mary's birthday. My friend Jamie is in town from NYC and will be joining us as well! Woot. Gotta love when friends come to town. :) So it should be a good night. Now...just need to decide what to wear.

BTW I showed you my Shomi cover, but my friend Liz Maverick, who's doing the launch book in the line (WIRED, JULY) has finally gotten her butt in gear and posted her own. Go check it out on her website. The two of us are like kids in the publishing candy house over these covers and the new line in general.

That's all for now! Must go jogging (ugh) and get ready for party (yay)!!


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