Saturday, January 06, 2007

Powerless - Literally

So I got home from work yesterday, ready to kick back and relax, but they were digging up something in my street and had knocked the power out!! Argh. I ended up going to a party over at my friend Lisa's house, which was way more fun than sitting home in the dark. Actually it was more fun than sitting home in the light as well. Lisa and her bf Caesar just got engaged and they showed us their video from their trip to Spain. (Where Caesar is fun.) I'm jealous. I sooo want to travel to Europe.

I got home around midnight and they were STILL digging. They didn't stop til about 4am. I have no idea what they were doing, but it was loud - drilling etc. I couldn't sleep from the noise. I love living in the city, but once in a while it can suck big time. The power FINALLY came on at 6am - and of course woke me up because all the lights burst on. Sigh. I'm happy it's back on though.

Tonight we might go to the movies. Not sure what we'll see. Next week is my friend Mary's birthday so it'll be a bigger deal. I'm fine with laying low this weekend anyway. Got a lot of book work to do. I've got about 18,000 words to go in Moongazer. Can't wait to be finished!!


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