Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If I had $250 Million Dollars...

A friend and I were playing an IM game today about what we'd do right now -- as in tonight -- if suddenly $250 million dollars were deposited into our bank accounts.

Many ideas were tossed back and forth but I believe the consensus is that we'd leave work, grab a limo to hit Newbury Street for new designer clothes and accessories (drinking champagne while trying stuff on, of course!) Then, once we were properly outfitted we'd charter a plane to Paris and go sit on the banks of the Sienne with really expensive wine, cheese and a loaf of yummy French bread. Then head over to the Latin quarter for a night of jazz and drinks. Of course we'd give a couple mil to friends so they could quit and join us there as well. Make it a party.

Obviously we'd invest, give to charity, all that jazz later on. But I'm talking about one night with basically unlimited funds. How would you spend it?



Cindy Holby said...

I'd take all my friends on a cruise. Probably the southern caribbean. And lots of spa time.

TJBrown said...

I woul dtell my dh to quit is flipping job and then go with him to do it and tell off his boss. Then we would take our teens on an extended trip around the world.... with two of their closest friends so my dh and I could have lots of time for R&R.

Paula said...

Umm, I think I'd join you guys. LOL

Quitting the day job would be a definite. My fingers wouldn't be able to send the email fast enough.

Then I'd probably go out and buy a lot of new sexy boots and then sketch out finishing my basement as I make a call to subcontractors to start ASAP before someone realizes they've put the money in my account :-)

stephhale said...

I would call up Supernanny and have her come stay with my kids for a few days( she's the only one I'd trust)then hubby & I would take off somewhere exotic for a few days. That probably sounds pretty selfish, but after four years and NO alone time, I don't care! :)