Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shout Outs, Cover Excitement, and Best Of

Happy Thursday everyone!

First off, a big shout out to my dear friend Kwana Jackson who just got an offer of representation from the Knight Agency, which in my opinion is one of the top romance representing agencies in the country, at the moment. Deidre and her cohorts ROCK. Kwana couldn't be in a better position. I can't WAIT to hear about her first sale and I'm sure it won't be long. YAY KWANA!

Another shout-out to Wendy Toliver, who sold her YA to Simon Pulse. Woot!! The book sounds really cool, too. THE SECRET LIFE OF A TEENAGE SIREN. Can't wait to read it, girl!

In my own news, I got to get a sneak peak at some cover art for my August book MOONGAZER and I am blown away by how cool it looks. Remember, this is one of the new SHOMI books so it has a manga (Japanese animation inspired) cover. But it's not cutesy, like some manga can be. Instead, it looks like a dark, gothic comic book - so freaking cool I can hardly stand it!! I'll post it as soon as it's finished and I get permission to do so. It very well might be my favorite cover yet.

Okay I saw this on Michelle Rowan's blog and I'm copying it. :)

BEST OF 2006
(According to Marianne)

Best book

Lunar Park, Bret Easton Ellis

Best movie

Match Point (DVD)

The Devil Wears Prada (In Theaters)

Best TV Show

Veronica Mars

Best Song

Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol

Best CD

Under the Iron Sea, Keane

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