Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Besides the typical eat healthier, exercise more, keep my apartment cleaner stuff, here are a few more of my New Year's resolutions:

* To not overcommit myself so I still enjoy writing books instead of always feeling rushed.

* To concentrate on my successes, not my failures - not be so hard on myself

* To not judge myself and my success by the performance and successes of others

* To keep an open mind to new possibilities in all aspects of my life

* To be supportive, but not let friends dump all their drama on me

* To find happiness and contentment with what I have and not always be so driven to find the next big thing



Anonymous said...

I didn't make any resolution. I made a five year career plan. It's kicking my butt and it's only day two!

Anonymous said...

my god, are you kidding me? you are so completely full of yourself and your self-doubt and competing with others. why would you put this out for everyone to read? how 'bout sticking to the normal "lose 10 pounds, clean the house, enjoy life more" generic stuff.