Friday, March 11, 2005


Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I had to get into work early for a shoot and then after work I went out to a "Dinner with the Author" event hosted by fellow Berkley Chicklitter Alison Pace. It was fun and I liked Ali a lot. (We'd only talked over email so this was the first time I met her in person.) She's a real sweetheart. I can't wait to read her book, "If Andy Warhol had a Girlfriend." I've heard great things about it, but hadn't yet grabbed it since I knew I was going to this event. I'll let you know what I think.

Speaking of booksignings... I've set up my first one! Woot! It's a reading and signing at the downtown Borders bookstore on May 24th at 12:30. (They get a ton of lunch traffic in that store cause it's in the heart of the business/finance section of the city.) So if you're in the Boston area, please stop by!

We were supposed to go snowboarding this weekend, but there's not a single hotel room to be had on the mountain. BOOO! We might still go for a day trip to Mt. Snow or something, which really isn't the same, but better than nothing, I guess. I can't believe in mid-March there's that much competition over lodging. I guess the recent snowstorm this week got people jazzed.

One thing I am psyched about is that my editor at Dorchester says they've been receiving a great response from booksellers on both the concept and cover of CT Fashionista. Which is soo encouraging cause obviously booksellers have to love it first so they stock lots of copies in their stores for people to buy. Cause let's face it, most people, if a book isn't in stock, are just going to pick up something else. I would.

Okay gotta go write.

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