Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dorchester, Armani, and Birthdays!

Lots of fun stuff to mention this evening so let's get started.

First off, my book description, excerpt and bio are up on the Dorchester website! I feel so legitimate now! Like it's really going to happen - in two months the book is really coming out -and no one's going to pull the rug out from under me three days before publication and say, "Oh yeah, we were just joking about that whole thing. Did you think we'd SERIOUSLY publish YOU???"

Yes, I really do think that sometimes. Though it was worse when I first got the offer from them back in August. I was afraid to tell people I sold just in case Kate Seaver called back and said she'd made a terrible mistake. Gah!

Moving on... At work this reporter friend of mine (who has always been like a mentor to me) called me in her office and showed me this amazing black fitted Armani blazer and told me she decided she didn't like how it looked on her and did I want it? It's like brand new and it fits perfectly! She said she wanted me to have it for booksignings etc. How cool is that? So I have my very first piece of Armani. I feel like a real life fashionista, LOL. :-) Totally made my day!

And lastly - tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday to me. I love birthdays. I don't get why some people hate them. My DH made me the most adorable birthday card using Photoshop. He's such a sweetheart. I'll try to upload it tomorrow so you can see it. He also promised to make me whatever dinner I desire and have it served by candlelight. Can we say awhhhh? It's especially nice cause he's not a mushy guy whatsoever. Very manly man. But he does have his moments. :-)

Okay I had more to blab about, but I'll do it tomorrow in the AM.


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