Monday, March 14, 2005

Back from Snowboarding

I know I said in my last post we weren't going snowboarding this weekend cause we couldn't find a hotel room. Well, the awesome media relations woman at Sunday River - Susan - ended up finding us one at the Jordan Grand Summit hotel on Friday! Yay!! We drove up Friday night in the blizzard (took my dad's truck - no way my 99 cavilier was making THAT trip!) and then on Saturday we rode in like 2 feet of powder. It was amazing - like snowboarding out west!! And not that crowded seeming, even though every hotel room in like a 20 mile radius was booked solid!! Saturday night we went to this bar called "Tango Mary's" where the band Everclear was supposed to play. I have no idea what happened, but we were there til nearly midnight and they never came on. We finally left so we wouldn't be too tired for riding the next day. But it was still a fun night. Then Sunday we snowboarded for about half a day. I think I strained my thigh muscle on Sat cause I was in some pain on the mountain, which is why we left early.

All in all, a great trip! I'm so glad Susan hooked us up. Would NOT have wanted to miss that powder.

Bleh, back to work today! Good thing it's only for a 3 day week - going to NYC on Thursday. Can't wait!!!

Okay gotta go - sorry so short and uninteresting! :-) Will try to post more later.

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