Thursday, March 24, 2005

Looking Back...

Since I write YA, I always find it useful to go and read my old journals from back in high school. (You know, when journals were in black and white composition books and not posted online for the world to read!) I like to remember how I looked at life back then, what was important to me, how I spoke, what I was into, etc. etc. Plus it's just interesting. :-)

So tonight, since I have nothing exciting to relate, I thought it'd be fun to post one of the entries. This is from 15 years ago (!) March 14th - when I was 16 years old. (I had a gap in entries so I didn't have one for today's exact date, but close enough.)

Thursday March 14th 5:42pm

Hi. Well today I saw Jaimie. I know you must be sick of hearing his name but honestly he is the only thing interesting happening in my life at the moment so bear with me or skip ahead a few pages into my future as of now unwritten life.

We were painting - just the two of us so it was much nicer than when Darlene is there. We talked for a long time. It was quite wonderful. I found out a scoop about his personal life. He went out with this girl Amy for 3 YEARS! AUGG! I could NEVER go out with someone for 3 years. Not even Jaimie. They broke up last year and he hasn't gone out with anyone since. Hmmmmmm. Well, he doesn't like proms very much but he's been to 3.

I'll write more later. He wrote me a note, by the way. It's not anything great, but it's my 1st Jaimie note, so I guess I'll put it in here. Love, M.A.

LOL isn't that just too funny!! I was so young and naive back then. And boy did I have a crush on the above mentioned Jaimie!! He was the art teacher's son and we had been painting sets for a drama class play. I thought he looked exactly like David Bowie. And he was older and an artist and played in a band. I mean, you can't get much cooler than that, now can you? :-) We never really hooked up, however. I think he felt I was too young for him. (Which, looking back, I realize I most definitely was.) But at the time, I was not about to let some crazy age gap get in the way of a relationship I thought could have major true love potential!! He, on the other hand, illustrated admirable tolerance and restraint for my desperate puppy love and endless advances. :-)

Anyway - this is a good illustration as to why I love writing young adult books. The angst, the drama, the heartbreak. Every little thing is the end of the world.

Anyway hope you enjoyed my self-indulgent trip down memory lane. :-)

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