Friday, March 04, 2005

Get Your Stiletto in the Door

BIG Cosmos and Chat SHOUT OUT to all the winners of the first annual "Get Your Stiletto in the Door" contest, sponsored by the RWA Chick Lit Writers group. You ladies rock! And even more exciting - we had an over 40% request rate from our agent/editor judges! That's right - top chick lit agents and editors liked these entries so much - they requested 11 of them!!

And they say chick lit is dead. Ha!

Special thanks to Diana Peterfruend our fearless contest coordinator. If she billed us for the amount of hours she spent on this chapter we'd be bankrupt and she'd be living large. Diana - I hope you're taking next year off!!

For a list of the winners, you can go to the Chick Lit Writers webpage.

Now onto our reguarly scheduled blog...

It's FRIDAY! Woooot! Yay! Cheer! I'm sooo psyched it's the weekend you don't even know. Tonight I'm getting my hair cut/highlighted. (I know not that exciting of a Friday, but if you've seen it lately, you can understand why I'm thrilled!) Then tomorrow night is the big birthday party.

Next weekend my husband and I are spending the whole weekend snowboarding at Sunday River. My dad gave us a hotel stay there as a Christmas gift. Can't WAIT for that. And then on Thursday I'm going to the PASIC (published authors special interest chapter) RWA conference in New York City. I am SOOOOOO excited about that. I'm going to get to meet my editor at Berkley, go to Broadway shows, etc. etc. (Oh and attend the actual conference as well, LOL)

You might notice I started adding writer links to the side of the blog. If you're a romance and/or chick lit writer and want to be added, let me know. I'll be adding more links as well - it just takes a while to add them so I'm doing it in stages. And if you want to link me from your blog, I'll love you forever. :-)

Okay gotta stop slacking and go work on Boys that Bite!

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