Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Snow, Shout Outs, and Stupid Dreams

Yesterday was a LOOONG day. I had the brilliant idea of scheduling a shoot at a ski mountain two hours away in NH and never checked the weather report. Even when the PR guy called me yesterday morning and said, "You know, we're supposed to get a foot of snow..." I breezily replied, "Eh, no big deal. We'll still come."

The ride back took nearly 4 hours.

At least the snow should be great for this weekend when Aaron and I go up snowboarding. The Farmer's Almanac was right on the money when they said we'd be having a late winter. But still, I'm sooo sick of scraping snow off my car.

Today we've got two special "Cosmos and Chat" shout-outs.

First goes to Barb Ferrer!! She's a chick lit writer and current prez of our Chick Lit Writers RWA chapter. Yesterday she scored herself THE accessory of the season! What, you may well ask? A pair of strappy Manolos? A Kate Spade handbag? No even better! An AGENT. Yup, our dear Barb is no longer agentless. It's a good example of hard work and extreme dedication paying off big time! Can't wait til she sells so we can all start reading her books. :-) Anyway, if you get a chance swing by her blog and say congrats!

Second shout out goes to our Girlfriend Cyber Circuit guest yesterday, Johanna Edwards. She announced in her blog that she's now a Bestselling Author with her book "The Next Big Thing"! Yup! She made the Barnes and Noble Bestseller list her first week out!! As a DEBUT AUTHOR!! Wow! Isn't that too cool? I'm so happy for her!! I mean, sure, I've already told you how great the book itself is, but a great book by a debut author does not always sell well right away cause they haven't had a chance to build up an audience. So this is extremely good news for her. Yay Johanna!!

In other news.. have you ever had a dream rejection? I mean that literally - as in you dreamed you got rejected for a manuscript you're waiting to hear from an editor about? I did last night. Actually it wasn't a dream rejection - it was a dream revision letter. Sadly I don't remember what the details were cause I'd like to read what changes my subconcious thinks I should make to the manuscript, LOL. But still, we writers already face enough rejection in our lives, don't you think? Having to go through it even more in dreams is just cruel and unusual punishment. Then again, I've had dreams where I've sold a manuscript and was really, really excited... until I woke up. Those are worse. At least with a dream rejection you can say, "Ah, it was just a dream." :)

BTW I got a lot of good response from my agent FAQ so I'm thinking of doing an editor one. I don't know enough about Berkley yet to do one for them, but I can do one for Dorchester - both a general one and a Smooch specific. I don't have time this AM, as I have to write and have already babbled on too much as it is. But maybe later today or tomorrow.

Is it Friday YET?

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