Friday, January 30, 2009

RoleMommy at the Ritz

On Saturday morning, I headed to Battery Park on a blustery winter day to take part in the RoleMommy at the Ritz mother/daughter brunch. The event was hosted by publicist extraordinaire Beth Feldman, who runs the blog. There was a great group of people in attendance - moms, daughters, bloggers, other authors and even a troupe of children's performers. We mixed and mingled and ate a delicious brunch. I talked about my book, Gamer Girl, and why I wrote on the subjects of bullyinig and girl gaming.

I met some great people - a woman running a site called Fortune Girls - an amazing site for tweens - you so have to check it out. Barbara was so dynamic, her enthusiasm was catchy! I only wish I could have met her daughter, who designed the fortune girls themselves. She's very talented, as you will see.

I also met the owner of another tween style site called Sophie, designed for girls from 13-17. She also had a lot of amazing ideas. I look forward to speaking with her further in the future.

I did a Podcast with Manic Mommies, which you can find on their website, though I'm embarassed cause I hate the sound of my voice. They were really cool though. The one who interviewed me is a gamer girl herself and a lover of vampires. My soul mate! :)

Here are a few photos from the event!

killington 019
Beth doing her introductions.

killington 020
Junior Reporter on the case!

me talking
Me, talking to the group. I really love that dress and wear it whenever I can. I actually wore it on my very first date with Jacob so I consider it lucky, too! (But I digress!)

angelica beth me
Me, Beth and a wonderful tween named Angelica. I gave her a copy of my book cause she was so cute.

All in all, it was a great event and I'm glad I had the chance to participate. It's also led to some great future opportunities that I will be talking about soon!


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Barbara Clarke Ruiz said...

Thanks for your kind words and share my enthusiasm about Fortune Girls. Its was an AWESOME Day!! Yes, I wish that you could have met the 12year old Mastermind behind the brand. Soon. . .She's really cool and is dying to read your new book. You are quite an INCREDIBLE TALENT yourself and I can't wait to move forward on the initiative that we discussed! I'll let you know about our April Tea' Sum as you may like to participate.
Keep rockin' those best sellers!