Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Up at Killington

Doing ski related stories for Better TV this week. It's sooo freaking cold! What was I thinking? Next time I need to pitch a week's worth of tropical island segments instead!!!

I forgot my camera cord AGAIN so I can't post pics until I get back. However, I will post this one that I found off Facebook. A lot of my friends are posting old high school pics on their Facebook pages lately. I LOVE this because, as most of you know, I had that house fire and lost not only all my pics, but my family's photo albums as well. So I have very few pics older than three and a half years. (Wow, was the fire really that long ago?!)

Anyway, here's an eighth grade play I was in which appears to be a weird mix of Wizard of Oz and Christmas. I'm Dorothy, with the blue dress and basket. Look at the hair!! :P

wizard of oz


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